Some Thoughts on Compassion

Even in a world where journalism continues to reach new lows on a near-constant basis, there can be compassion.

Compassion means seeing beyond your (my) own precious feelings to the truth of any matter: that we are all human, and that we all need one another, and that kindness is vital. That love is the only real thing.

I’ve been struck dumb by the way some of the press have handled the death of Nick Cave’s son Arthur*. At the heart of the matter is this: a child has died. Two parents have lost a child. A twin has lost his twin. Older brothers have lost a younger brother. Friends and family have lost someone they love.

A child has died. What we think about the father’s art or opinions or behavior has nothing to do with anything. You are/I am sorry, so terribly sorry, for such an indelible loss. Period.

And if you can’t be that, it’s time to examine the gaping hole in your humanity.

*The Times of London have taken down their story with terrible headline. That it was ever published is appalling.