Thanks for your help. It made a huge difference.
WILLIAM GIBSON, Author (no relation)
Project: Collaborative input on a screenplay


There are thousands of people in the world who claim to be first-rate writers. I can’t vouch for any of them, but Emma? Yeah, she’s the cream of the crop. I hired Emma to write the cover story for an issue of the LEADER, a corporate real estate-focused trade publication. Corporate real estate is not an easy-to-understand industry; nor is it an especially interesting one. Emma not only accepted the challenge, but she grasped the jargon and wrote an informative, interesting, and engaging piece (and turned it in ahead of schedule!) that resonated with our nearly 8,000-member audience. Although the article was published months ago, I continue to receive requests for reprints!
Project: Feature article, various editing jobs


Emma Alvarez Gibson is the crème de la crème of copywriters. She gets words and the way they work to connect, to convince, to convert. She brings a soulful sympatico, a brilliant bravery, to every project she puts her pen to, and has that rare ability to slip into a client’s voice at will. I hire Emma when I want a freakishly smart, endlessly sensitive, deeply with-it writer who will deliver great, fresh material on time and without drama. So basically, I hire Emma every chance I get.
Projects: Copy for client websites


We specialize in helping senior leadership teams explore strategic innovation opportunities in creative, status quo-challenging ways. When we needed to grow our team for an engagement with a major technology association’s board, the first call we made was to Emma. Emma’s command of branding principles, her innate creativity, and the ability she has to draw out new thinking in people were exactly what we needed. She was integral to smartly shaping the strategy session and bringing it to life with her fantastic facilitation skills!
Project: Workshop facilitation