It changes everything, you know. Having people.

The ground is firmer under your feet and you worry less about what someone might think. You’re unruffled, serene. You aren’t so quick to bristle. Who cares? You have people.

You’re not afraid of driving others away, the way you used to be, with your flaws and your core filled with oozing humanity. So there’s a misunderstanding, or hurt feelings. Perhaps you’ve annoyed someone whose opinion of you really matters. They’ll get over it. You’re certain of this, without knowing exactly why.

Slowing down is totally fine now. Being sincere isn’t so hard. You can have an honest conversation and not be frozen with fear.

You think of well-made furniture, of smooth, strong locking mechanisms. Of centuries of hearth fires and singing. You feel you understand these things now. Continuity. Calm. Community.

You have people, and that changes everything.